GECOS (Geothermal Energy Chance of Success) is a INNOSUISSE funded project which focusses on deep geothermal exploration and development of geothermal UTES projects and is based on three main pillars:
Reduction of subsurface uncertainty

Acquisition of cost-effective, quick and high resolution geophysical data such as 3D DAS VSP, S-waves seismic and high resolution gravity can help to improve the understanding of the subsurface. invisibletext

Mitigation of the risk invisibletext

Geostatistical and machine learning approach are perfectly shaped to integrate and analyse different types of geodata to lower the uncertainty and mitigate the risk of developing geothermal energy projects.

Reduction of the costs invisibletext

New high-resolution acquisition and integration of data form different sources using novatory methods such machine learning are allows to reduce the costs of developing geothermal projects. invisibletext


GECOS workflow

This workflow can be replicated at any stage of a geothermal project. From the early stages when only scarce data are available, during exploration when new data will be collected and when new large investiments (i.e. 3D seismic and drilling) need to be planned, and during production to monitor the reservoir and eventually design new drilling operations.

Activities currently ongoing and planned

High resolution S-waves acquisition and VSP

As shown in the map, an S-Waves campaign has been acquired in fall 2019. Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Vertical Seismic Profiling (VSP) and Smart Solo mini 3D acquisition around GEo-01 has been completed in August 2020. Meanwhile, a gravity acquisition campaign is currently ongoing in the area of interest.

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GECOS is a INNOSUISSE supported project no. 26728.1 PFIW-IW